Time after time

I am becoming used to the rhythm of daily life here, although there is no typical day. Work might be busy, planning meetings, or it might be slow, like today, when the generator ran out of fuel and there was no choice but to sit and listen to stories of returnees coming back from Khartoum to Juba by boat and to hear about the difference between life in South Sudan and how people must greet each other formally when they meet whereas in Kenya people don’t even know their neighbours. Such was the chat during the downtime today.

Myself and a colleague are planning a meeting about routine immunisation next week and we’ve invited a range of NGOs to try and brainstorm how we can improve things. Data crunching is underway and I’m trying to create a few graphs for the presentation. Infrastructure being what it is, the answers won’t be easy, but we can try. All kinds of old wives tales abound about injections- convincing people that they are important requires creative approaches like drama and songs. This of course requires a budget. I was used to belt tightening at home, but the only way I can reframe the analogy is that here belt is so loose it won’t even hold up the trousers…

I visited a primary care centre organised by an NGO this week and it was clean and well run and inspirational… how long till the rest of our centres get to that stage? I wish I could say soon. Till then, we will keep lobbying and begging and I will keep watching power dynamics and politics and wonder how development work has taken on the shape of capitalism on one hand, and hyper accountability/performance management on the other. Off to meet friends for further discussion!

3 thoughts on “Time after time

  1. Sarah
    I love your blogs and makes me realise (again) what we consider important is of course trivial. Coffee & Chat misses you and profits down!

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