Political flux

So we have had a little bit of political upheaval here in South Sudan. There’s a good overview of it here. Basically the President sacked the VP and the cabinet and there was a bit of panic on the streets that meant we NGO types had to hibernate and take some precautions but really Mum, everything was ok.

The comment and analysis on this change has been varied. President Kiir reduced the ministries from 29 to 18. Surely this is a good thing, reducing bureaucracy and potentially allowing a little bit of money to trickle away from the monstrous white government land cruisers to the hungry masses. It’s a political move in terms of removing his major competitor, Riek Machar, the VP, who started by asserting that this was a reasonable move by his colleague, and is now sniping away and making clear that he plans to run in opposition in the 2015 election.

Today the new cabinet was announced. My work colleagues were expressing their opinions, the South Sudan twitter feeds were alight, and we are wondering what, if any, changes lie ahead. Will this help my adopted country mature enough to have government and public institutions which run with accountability to the people they are supposed to be serving?

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